Pathlight Direct Support Professionals in Greenfield, Massachusetts

GREENFIELD/BUCKLAND/DEERFIELD/GILL Perform a variety of routine direct care duties to support and instruct individuals with developmental disabilities and to promote their dignity, safety, health, welfare rights and development, including advanced medical and behavioral treatment and other duties requiring advanced training beyond Direct Support Professional 1 duties, in compliance with Association and applicable governing agency policies, procedures and regulations. Essential Job Functions: Provide direct care services which may vary depending on the needs of the individual. Assist with living skills, health maintenance, medication administration and behavioral development. Engage, assist, instruct and monitor individuals in daily living activities and personal care. Personal care may include eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, support with walking, and lifting. Implement the individualized services of each person and be current on all changes. Follow clearly established methods, techniques and procedures for engaging, assisting, instructing and monitoring individuals while assuring safety and well-being in accordance with the services. Confer with the supervisor and/or lead staff and services developer on an individual's support plan, and on related questions, concerns, or problems. Perform medical treatments or behavioral intervention as outlined by supervisor/lead staff, nurse, or other professional. Notify the supervisor/lead staff nurse or other professional of any changes noted in medical, emotional, or physical status of the individual. Provide follow through as recommended or needed according to prescribed procedure/training. Remain in the attendance of, and fully available to individuals served at all times, unless specified otherwise within the individualized services of the person. Apply Association and program polices and procedures, particularly in the areas of crisis, emergency, health and safety, individuals' served rights and abuse. Complete related records, as assigned and applicable, per standard format ensuring appropriate confidentiality and safekeeping of documents, records and files such as log information, required forms, performance and progress notes, account funds and program funds. Provide medications to assigned individuals according to clearly defined procedures and schedules as applicable and authorized. Provide First Aid/CPR and seek emergency medical care as needed. Perform special work beyond Direct Support Professional 1 as allowed having completed the additional training required of the DSP2 position. Accompany the individuals we serve to appointments, social functions, recreational activities and other planned events as requested by the supervisor, to include providing transportation. Participate in housekeeping, general maintenance, and laundering activities to maintain a clean and safe home for the individual as necessary. Clean clothing for individuals served. Ensure clean, safe and operable equipment for the individuals' use. Respond and relate to routine inquiries, visitors, the individual's family, friends and allied staff or professionals. Include appropriate staff in the decision making process. Attend and participate in program and related meetings or required training as directed. Perform other similar and related duties as needed or assigned by supervisor. Job # 180 DSP I (DSP II after completion of trainings) 30 Hours overnight awake Thursday 11:00p-9:00a Friday 11:00p-9:00a Saturday 11:00p-9:00a Job # 187 DSP I (DSP II after completion of trainings) 40 Hours Sunday 9:00a-5:00p Monday 3:00p-11:00p Tuesday 3:00p-11:00p Wednesday 3:00p-11:00p Thursday 3:00p-11:00p