Behavioral Health Network LPN or RN in Springfield, Massachusetts

Behavioral Health Network is currently seeking LPNs and RNs to work within our Community Based Acute Treatment (CBAT) Program in Springfield, MA. CBAT is a short term crisis stabilization program for youth 10-17 who are experiencing a mental health crisis. Behavioral Health Network is a growing non-profit community behavioral health agency that has been providing services to children, adults, families and communities in Western Massachusetts since 1938. BHN provides comprehensive, outcome-driven behavioral health care. We are dedicated to offering high quality, affordable and culturally appropriate care to people of all ages and income levels in our constituent communities. The responsibilities of this position are as follows: - Able to effectively meet the medical/medication needs of youth served and/or program staff. - Effectively establishes rapport, and gains sufficient trust to permit the implementation of medical interventions. - Interacts with area providers, and significant others in order to obtain information necessary to provide continuity of care. - Maintains safe and healthy milieu for all staff and youth served. - Provides a therapeutic, educational environment for the youth served. - Assesses medical issues of youth in order to treat or recommend treatment for needs that arise. - Administers annual flu vaccine to staff/youth when made available by BHN. - Consults with on-call Psychiatrist regarding potential serious medical conditions of youth served. Job Knowledge: - Must have a basic understanding of mental illness and appropriate pharmaceutical and psycho-educational treatment interventions. - Must maintain current licensure and certifications. Experience and Training: - Must have at least one year experience working within behavioral health, and one year postgraduate experience in medical-surgical nursing. Schooling or Equivalent: - Must be licensed in MA If you are interested in this opportunity, please visit our website at then click on "Job Openings" to apply.