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Fenway Health Chief Executive Officer in Boston, Massachusetts

Chief Executive Officer

Boston, MA ( • Executive

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The Fenway Health Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will champion the organization, driving the delivery of topquality healthcare and strategic initiatives, as well as ensuring fiscal health. This role will navigate one of the nation's leading LGBTQIA+ healthcare providers.

The CEO, reporting to the Board of Directors, will ensure fulfillment of the organization's mission, set strategic direction, and manage its resources, including staff recruitment, retention, and morale. They will foster collaboration and integration across Fenway including the FQHC, The Fenway Institute, and the public health division (formerly known as AIDS Action). The CEO will be an ambassador and influencer engaging with external constituents to further Fenway's mission. They will be an active and enthusiastic supporter of philanthropy, advocacy, and public health.

The CEO's responsibilities include:

  • Leading the turnaround, being a positive change management force. ? Ensuring positive, sustainable financial results.

  • Innovating and strategically positioning Fenway to reimagine its health care delivery model.

  • Guiding strategic initiatives to ensure top-tier care for all LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC individuals and other underserved communities.

  • Establishing strategic partnerships with external stakeholders to support fundraising, public health initiatives, and advocacy for LGBTQIA+ rights.

  • Encouraging philanthropy by inspiring donors and supporters to invest in a healthier future for the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • This position is ideal for a leader deeply committed to social justice and LGBTQIA+ health, providing an opportunity to make a substantial impact fostering an inclusive, accessible, and affirming healthcare future.


Reports to Board of Directors

Direct reports

  • Chief Operation Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Medical Officer

  • Chief People Officer

  • Executive Vice President

  • Director, Communications

  • Director, Racial Equity, Social Justice & Community Engagement

  • VP of Resource Development and Donor Engagement

  • Executive Assistant

Other key relationships

  • Boston-area clinical and research partners

  • Global, national, and regional LGTQIA+ healthcare advocates and leaders

  • Government agencies, accrediting organizations, and healthcare regulators

  • The philanthropic community


Strategic Vision- Using the current strategic plan as a foundation, develop, articulate, and implement a strategic vision for Fenway Health that is consistent with its core values and mission, centering and securing equitable health outcomes. Inspire a complex organization to a common purpose and vision, with the financial and operational understanding required to continue the growth of Fenway Health.

Business and Operations- Leverage the strengths of all components of Fenway Health (FQHC, The Fenway Institute, AIDS Action) in common pursuit of the overall mission. Provide overall guidance and direction to ensure that Fenway Health operates in an ethical, efficient, and financially-sound manner and that capital is utilized in the most efficient way in service to the mission. Develop a structured process to optimize decision-making and process outcomes. Utilize knowledge of the current reimbursement environment and optimize Fenway Health's move toward value-based care models. Ensure continuation of clinical excellence in quality, cost, and overall patient experience, regardless of ability to pay. Ensuring robust financial risk management processes are in place.

Organizational Culture- Develop and foster an environment of respect, equity, collaboration, competence, transparency, innovation, and principle-driven management. Cultivate a positive work environment, promoting a service-oriented culture that constantly strives to improve the patient and staff experience and a culture of inclusion and engagement where everyone is valued. Discern and build upon Fenway Health's cultural strengths.

Governance- Build and cultivate a collaborative and mutually accountable relationship with the Board of Directors and among the Fenway Health leadership team.

External Relationships- Cultivate strong, credible, and trusting relationships with patients, staff, supporters, other clinical and research institution leaders, government leaders, and related external stakeholders in advancing the mission and goals of Fenway Health. Act as an effective ambassador, advocate, and spokesperson with various community, governmental, regional, national, and international organizations.

People- Select, recruit, promote, and lead a diverse, cohesive, and results-oriented senior management team. Retain, develop, and engage staff throughout the organization.

Fundraising- Cultivate donors and supportive partners. Convert relationships and strategic vision into philanthropic funding to advance the mission of Fenway Health.


  • Create and implement operational efficiencies and innovative approaches that align with Fenway Health's mission and vision to maintain financial sustainability (including business model evaluation and capital plans).

  • A patient/customer service-focused organization providing the highest quality, cost-effective care, and improved patient satisfaction.

  • Address employee concerns while fostering a positive work environment.

  • A diverse leadership team that actively engages employees across all levels of the organization.

  • A forward-thinking, progressive culture that incentivizes collaboration across the organization and promotes accountability.

  • Establish collaborative, trustworthy, and transparent relationships throughout the organization.

  • Increased employee engagement, morale, productivity, and retention which contributes to a positive work culture and enhanced patient experience.

Spencer Stuart is partnering with the Board on this exciting opportunity. We are currently working on stakeholder engagement and will have a full position and candidate specification available shortly.All interest should be forwarded to:


Fenway Health is looking for a dedicated healthcare equality advocate ready to instigate meaningful transformation. The role demands a leader dedicated to eliciting systemic change, promoting inclusivity, and ensuring the highest quality care for not only the dynamic LGBTQIA+ community but also its local community and other marginalized groups.

The CEO will guide Fenway Health, a distinguished healthcare provider, towards an enlightened future. This leader's vision will inspire a diverse team of professionals, their voice will resound in boardrooms and public platforms, and their passion will ignite a healthcare equity movement.


Comprehensive Healthcare Management

10+ years of leadership experience within a large group practice, FQHC, or other organization that includes management of ambulatory clinical care delivery. Management experience includes budgetary responsibility and, ideally, profit-and-loss accountability. People management experience is essential. Experience that fully integrates primary, specialty, behavioral, and community health care is preferred.

Healthcare Delivery Models

Knowledge and understanding of evolving healthcare delivery and financing trends, including payer models. Experience adapting and innovating to address dynamic environment of population health management and changing trends in health care delivery.

Health Equity and Justice Leadership and Advocacy

Deep understanding of, passion for, and commitment to the communities that Fenway Health serves, with a history of promoting equity, diversity, and belonging to create an environment which empowers and elevates underrepresented and gender minorities in an organization and the populations served.

External Credibility

Highly regarded leader with experience as a public policy advocate and effective communicator addressing potentially emotional and/or controversial issues, especially in changing social and politically charged environments.

Donor Engagement

Experience engaging donors and leading successful fundraising initiatives and/or capital campaigns.

Education / Advanced Degree

Advanced graduate degree and history of clinical experience (physician, nursing, psychology, social work, etc.) is strongly preferred, as is additional training/degree/experience in health care or public health administration. If a clinician, the candidate should be eligible for licensure in Massachusetts. Candidate Profile Fenway Health


Driving Results

  • Optimizes existing and identifies new revenue streams to further the overall mission of Fenway Health.

  • Stays current on local, regional, and national healthcare delivery care models, reimbursement approaches, and fundraising strategies to ensure the short- and long-term fiscal support to fund an operationally strong and financially solid clinical operation.

  • Sets ambitious but realistic goals for self and team, geared to organizational objectives.

  • Identifies and acts on new opportunities that enable performance targets to be exceeded.

Leading Change

  • Creates change leaders and involves key influencers in the design and implementation of the change initiative.

  • Identifies changes consistent with the strategy but radical in implementation, and gains buy-in with individual, customized influence efforts.

  • Adapts change plans/influence strategies to the political realities and constraints of the organization, targeting the most influential people regardless of formal role and engaging people in a reasoned way.

  • Establishes processes or practices to encourage and reinforce innovation and change thinking.

Strategic and Visionary Leadership

  • Defines the evolving future of market/market segments and, using logic and evidence, contrasts with the present.

  • Develops strategy and proposes new directions for the organization linked to the evolving marketplace.

  • Challenges assumptions and conventional wisdom with specific, supported reasoned proposals.

  • Contributes to the development of an organizational strategy and justifies it with market insight. ? Thinks three to five years ahead into next business cycle.


  • Enthusiasm and passion for Fenway Health's mission.

  • Excellent collaborator, consensus-builder, and communicator who can build relationships with diverse constituency groups.

  • Entrepreneurial, adaptable, and resilient executive who is comfortable working in a changing environment.

  • LGBTQIA+-identified persons, BIPOC-identified persons, and others from historically underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to apply.