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Pine Street Inn Closing Cook Supervisor in Boston, Massachusetts

Closing Cook Supervisor

Department: Food Services

Office: 444 Harrison Avenue

Location: Boston, MA

Position Type: Food Service

Hours/Shift: Morning - First Shift

Employee Type:: Regular Full-time


SCHEDULE: 40 hours, Thursday - Monday, 10:00a.m. - 6:30p.m. (Holidays Included) Days and Hours may vary as needed

Pays $26.00 per hour

LOCATION: 444 Harrison Ave, Boston MA



The Closing Cook Supervisor is primarily responsible for ensuring that all meals are prepared, shipped and are served in accordance with the specifications, standards and practices of the department. In addition to preparing meals, the Closing Cook Supervisor is involved in the production, set up and service.

In the absence of the Chef or Sous Chefs, the Closing Cook Supervisor (Cook Supervisor) is responsible for supervising the operation; this includes working directly with the kitchen associates, students, and drivers on duty during the PM shifts and ensuring that the production, service and delivery goals are achieved.

The Closing Cook Supervisor is exposed to the production of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and catered events and functions. The incumbent is expected to be involved in the organizing, preparation, portioning and packaging of all foods on the days they are scheduled to be here. This position works and interacts closely with all food service personnel, the Food Services Training Program (FSTP) students and volunteers.



  • High School Diploma or GED

  • ServSafe and/or Sanitation Certification


  • A culinary arts degree and/or a diploma in food service management


  • Minimum of three (3) years food service experience in institutional cooking, catering, kitchen and/or food service operations

  • Minimum of one (1) year supervisory position such as -Lead Cook-

  • We are looking for an individual who is punctual, is compassionate and has a good disposition, is flexible, pays attention to safety, is professional and shows initiative. Also important is someone who is focused on job quality and continued improvement, is tolerant, and is committed to department unity and teamwork

  • Experience using Microsoft Office Suite


  • Experience working in a human service environment dedicated to serving the homeless community and individuals with substance abuse issues

  • Knowledge and experience in menu and food production planning, nutrition and special diets

  • Experience in Trauma-informed Care (TIC) Practices


  • Ability to stand for long periods of time

  • Must be able to lift at least fifty pounds of weight, bend, stoop, and access walk-ins (refrigerators and freezers) for extended periods of time.

  • This individual spends most of their time on food service operations working directly with staff in the kitchen and during the service of meals. It requires someone who is able to stand on their feet for extended periods of time while preparing large volumes foods, sometimes exceeding 1200 meals.


  • Good leadership skills. This individual must be able to demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills. Excellent organizational skills are a must.

  • Must be able to handle numerous tasks and perform in an environment that is often times stressful and demanding. This individual must be able to work under pressure, set timelines and meet deadlines. Must be able to coordinate the effort and work of support cooking staff (kitchen associates and FSTP students), their use of materials, production knowledge and quality of finished products.


  • Work with the Executive Chef (EC), Sous Chefs (SCs), other cooks, students and kitchen associates, this individual may be called upon to prepare and package food for both internal and external catered events. It is also expected that the person will work together with the EC and the SCs to ensure that the delivery personnel are provided with pertinent details critical to ensuring smooth deliveries and shipping to catered events.

  • The days and hours of work for this position are primarily closing shifts. Assumes responsibility of the kitchen once the chefs have left for the day. There may occasionally be a time when this individual is scheduled to come in at an earlier time of day in order to supervise the kitchen in a chef-s absence.

  • Ensures that meals are served in their correct quantities with accuracies to items, food temperatures and other specifications. This function pertains to all meal periods.

  • The Cook Supervisor is responsible for guiding the kitchen associates, students, and drivers on duty; ensuring that the production, service and delivery goals are achieved.

  • The Cook Supervisor reviews the production packet (prep sheets, production and shipping information) with the kitchen associates and students and would be called upon to assign duties and ensure that there is follow through and accuracy. A student or kitchen associate-s failure to follow through on directives from the Cook Supervisor may result in disciplinary action.

  • The Cook Supervisor will communicate with the chefs and management team in the event another employee or student displays any form of unprofessional behavior. Communication could be immediate or via email depending on the severity and urgency.

  • Particular attention to the preparation, portioning, packaging and shipping of all foods to customers and PSI programs.

  • Communicates any shortages or discrepancies in the daily production inventory (and requisition) to the chef team.

  • On a daily basis, reports any concerns, problems or suggestions pertaining to the meal production to the EC and/or Sous Chefs. If immediate response is required and in the event these individuals are unavailable information should be directed to the director.

  • Reports any equipment malfunctions or facilities issues immediately via Building Engines.

  • Offer one-on-one training to staff when necessary in the areas of equipment operations, meal preparation, cooking, kitchen maintenance, knife skills, catering and other operational issues pertinent to the FS department.

  • Reports daily log to other cooks, the Sous Chefs and the EC and reviews daily production, food preparation checklist and the next day/meal inventory via email.

  • Must help create and foster a sense of teamwork amongst all FS employees. Must also contribute to a safe, friendly and cooperative work environment.

  • Works with the EC, Sous Chef, other cooks and the Caf- Supervisor to ensure that the correct quantities of foods are allocated to and shipped out to the staff caf- during the lunch period.

  • May be expected to work with the cooks and the kitchen associates around planning and preparation of the guests- winter lunch program.

  • Monitors the preparation and holding temperatures of all meals prepared. When required, must log the temperature of food during its time of shipment. Contributes towards maintaining the standards of efficiency and order throughout the kitchen and FS areas. Monitors all standards of sanitation procedures and ensure that they are consistently upheld. Reports all infractions to the Chef team.

  • Must assist with maintaining on-going statistical data pertinent to the FS department: freezers and refrigerators temperatures, sanitization solutions PH levels, guest meal counts, food temperature and quantity logs.

  • Adhere to all policies and practices of the FS department and Pine Street Inn. These include but are not limited to SOPs established by OSHA, the Dept. of Public Health (State and Federal guidelines) and ServeSafe Sanitation.

  • Must work cooperatively with all FS staff and the volunteers- department staff to successfully plan and execute events such as summer cookouts, and Prepare & Serve meals, as well as ensure that the FS department runs efficiently on a daily basis. At times, will be expected to work directly with volunteers visiting the FS program/department.

  • Attention to the following critical FS responsibilities: daily caterings, guests sandwich programs, guest lunch programs, handling donated food, organizing and maintaining food prep working walk-in refrigerator, processing inventory for production and adhering to the operations closing procedures checklist.

  • Additional duties or other related tasks as assigned.

  • Other duties as assigned in order to meet the needs of the organization during the COVID-19 pandemic or other public health or weather emergency.