MIT Lincoln Laboratory Summer Research Program Intern in Lexington, Massachusetts

About the Intelligence and Decision Technologies Group:

The Intelligence and Decision Technologies Group develops prototypes to demonstrate innovative command and control technology and open system architectures that measurably improve intelligence and military decision making. This work begins with an understanding of the workflows of intelligence analysts and military commanders, often through operations research. Operational data sets are amassed to support all types of algorithm development, such as multisensor fusion, “big data” mining, cloud technologies, graph-based network detection, and artificial intelligence, including deep learning. The group guides the nation in the adoption of open architecture standards in air, space, and cyber platforms. Prototype systems for data exploitation and knowledge management are delivered for evaluation in theater. Areas of technical staff expertise include systems analysis, modeling and simulation, feature extraction and pattern analysis, computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, software development, and field experimentation.

Focus: Unity Simulation

Position Description:

Computer vision applications have achieved success in a wide variety of applications in recent years, due to the availability of large-scale datasets, vast computational power, and deep learning improvements. Successful development and deployment of computer vision applications often hinges on the availability of large amounts of training data. In problem domains of interest to the Laboratory, such large-scale labeled datasets are often unavailable, making the need for high-fidelity simulation crucial for success. These simulation environments allow researchers to carry out rapid development using near-real-world data and test full computer vision and autonomous systems pipelines extensively before commencing real-world testing, enabling quicker development times and reducing feedback latency.

We are looking for summer interns with experience in unity software development or 3D modeling and an interest in machine learning to work toward this goal of using simulation environments for algorithm development. The main goal of this internship is to contribute to a simulation environment that is being used for real applied computer vision research.


The candidate should be pursuing a graduate degree or be an undergraduate with experience in the Unity Game Development environment and/or 3D modeling

Desired Skills:

An ideal candidate would have experience with computer vision and machine learning, and have strong software-development skills in C# or would be familiar with hard surface modeling, substance designer, and modeling environments such as Blender.


Unity, 3D modeling, simulation, computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, veteran status, disability status, or genetic information; U.S. citizenship is required.